Most recent

More instrumentation news (Dec 2022): we are soon receiving a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy Microscope + Macroanalysis system in the lab (Nicolet iN10+iZ10).

Instrumentation news (early 2022): we recently acquired a shiny, new Agilent NovoCyte flow cytometer. Pilot studies are underway!

Student news

Presentation in the Microbiome conference

Stephanie Richard presented a poster on her work on copepod microbiome in the Microbiome conference in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, in October 2022.

Richard S, Nuttall RA, DeMayo J, Dam H, Moisander PH. Impact of climate change on

copepod microbiome.

Poster at the IMS symposium

A poster by Naik et al. was presented in the UMass Intercampus Marine Science Research symposium at SMAST on 3/23/22. Abhi won the prize for the best lightning talk – congrats!

Masters defense

Ryan Nuttall defended his MS in Marine Science: Vibrio cyclitrophicus population -specific biofilm formation and association with marine copepods (Oct 2021).

Presentations in the ASLO meeting in June 2021

Presentations were given by several students in the virtual conference of the Association for the Sciences in Limnology and Oceanography:

Abhishek Naik + collaborators from MSU and NUWC: Impacts of shear stress on marine biofim communities (talk)

Ryan Nuttall: Distinct biofilm formation and colonization of copepod hosts by Vibrio cyclitrophicus L- and S-strains (talk)

Alexus Greene: Influence of oxygen and nutrient availabilities on colonization of microplastics by marine bacteria (poster)

Funding News

Woods Hole Sea Grant

Pilot funding for microplastics related research. 2022-2024

Funding from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Mass Tech Collaborative funded a project to UMass Dartmouth to support a new research facility on biodegradation of plastics. Funds are included to Moisander lab research on microbial processes on microplastics in the marine environment. The project began in January 2022.

Office of Naval Research Funding

Our lab has two collaborative projects in the Marine UnderSea Technology Research program funded by ONR (2020-2024):

Provost office seed funding on microplastics

The lab received funding to study microbial colonization of microplastics (2020).

Past funding

National Science Foundation Chemical Oceanography

National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography

Office of Naval Research SBIR Phases I-II, Boston Engineering

Nantucket Land Council

Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative

Department of Energy – Joint Genome Institute (sequencing)

Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Workgroup

United States Geological Survey

Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Department of Environmental Protection

Quebec-Labrador Foundation

URI Graduate School of Oceanography (ship time)

Shoals Marine Laboratory (in-kind)